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Getting Started with Contests and Interactive Content

This article outlines the different first steps you should take to maximize your organization's success, and audience engagement


Planning is the most import step as you get started. You'll want to make sure you set clear goals as a team, and track your progress.



Selling your Contests and Interactive Content should begin two months before the planned launch date. This step should always begin with a proper Customer Needs Analysis (CNA) to best understand your advertiser's goals and metrics for success.



Creating your campaign may be the easiest step after you've planned and started selling. The navigation on the left-side of this article includes helpful guides for each Contest and Interactive Content type. Each article will guide you through everything you need to know about using Second Street. 

The email opt-in is a crucial addition for any campaign you create. Learn The Art of Writing an Email Opt-In to maximize the value of your engagement database. 



After securing a sponsor for your campaign, marketing it is the next step to secure ROI for your advertiser. Here’s a comprehensive list of ways you can promote. Pick and choose from the list based on what makes the most sense for you.

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