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This article highlights key features, terms, and tips to help you get started right with Second Street Email and Audience Insights.


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Additional Audience Features

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Your Organization

Whether you're a single property or part of a large chain, you'll see each organization you have access to upon logging in. Here is how our hierarchy works.

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    Tip! - If you plan on using the same email template across each of your properties, create them at either the Market or Chain level. Any Email Templates created at the Chain (or Market) level will be inherited by organizations beneath it. 


    Email Types

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    Single Email

    This is an email type that can be used to curate a single email at a time. Single Emails allow you to import articles from an RSS feed, save, and send an email immediately. You also have the ability to create additional message versions for A/B testing


    This is an automated email type that allows you to import articles from an RSS feed or scrape page to send on a recurring schedule. Additionally, you'll have the option to turn on an approval email within a Newsletter's schedule step. The approval emails allow you to make any final edits to the email message before it sends to the audience members.  


    This is an email type that is triggered by a recipient's birthdate. In the schedule step, you're able to set when you'd like the birthday email to be sent.

    Wedding Anniversary

    This is an email type that is triggered by a recipient's wedding anniversary date. On the schedule step, you're able to set when you'd like the wedding anniversary email to be sent.

    Drip Campaign

    This is a series of emails that are triggered by a recipient's audience join date, or by a custom date field. You're able to create additional message versions and set up the series of emails in the schedule step

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    Additional Email Features

    Approval Emails

    Approval Emails enable you to use a recurring Newsletter as a basis for a variety of email workflows. They can be used for a final quality check, or for more substantial edits like changing graphics, links and text. 

    A/B Testing with Additional Message Versions

    A/B Testing allows you to test the effectiveness of variations in your email creative to see if they will impact the response. You can test changes from names, subject lines, preheader, button color, text and graphic, or even the entire template layout.

    Deliverability Boost

    Deliverability Boost automatically filters your list to send only to engaged users without deleting email addresses from your database. By keeping a clean list with deliverability boost, you will achieve higher open rates favored by mail filtering algorithms from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and others.

    Email Performance Report

    The Email Performance Report is a searchable, sortable report that allows you to see the average performance of all or certain types of email at a glance. Filter by type, category, date or keyword to narrow your results to look for trends and variances in performance. Then click through to individual sends or download a .csv of the results for additional analysis.


    Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 8.33.21 AM

    Opt-In Audience

    This is a permissions-based audience that features a Sign Up Widget and a transactional Welcome Email.

    A member can join an Opt-In Audience via a file import, the sign up widget, or by opting in via a Contest or Interactive Content Form. In order to upload members to an opt-in audience you must certify that you have received permission to send them emails.

    Tip!  When migrating from other email service providers (ESP's), it is helpful to have a file exported for each audience or list. 

    Segmented Audience

    This is an audience that allows you to filter your total database by demographic information, opt-ins, message engagement, or promotion engagement. 

    The audience count that is displayed before applying filters is the total number of sendable email addresses in your organization's database. After applying filters, the number that displays is the total number of sendable email addresses that meet the filter criteria. 

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    Additional Audience Features

    Interest Tags

    Interest Tags can be applied to Contests, Interactive Content, Email Campaigns, Ballot Groups and Categories, and Email Links. User's who interact with campaigns that are tagged will have the interest(s) applied to their consumer profile.

    Consumer Profiles and Management

    Consumer Profiles are visible, and can be managed from anywhere within the platform. Search for a profile to see any/all information that has been submitted via a form (Contests and Interactive Content). Within a profile, you're also able to see each Audience the user is included in, the user's Email History, and any photo or video contest submission the user has made.



    Email Template Builder


    Create an email template, or layout, to be used again and again across all of your email campaigns. The Template Builder allows users to edit content location and styling, by adding sections, and dragging and dropping content blocks.

    Template Builder Introduction

    Additional Email Template Builder Resources



    Custom From Addresses


    Create a Custom From Address that uses your website domain to build trust with your subscribers and improve deliverability. Second Street features an easy set-up process that generates necessary SPF and DKIM records to add to your DNS to authenticate the from-address. 

    Note: To authenticate your custom from-address, you will need access to your DNS. Copy and paste the records from the set up modal to either add to your DNS, or send along to your DNS administrator.

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