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Senior Pictures/Graduation Photos Turnkey

Second Street offers a turnkey Community Gallery promotion that you can use to showcase graduates, athletes, and more from your local school or surrounding community.

Users will be able to submit a photo and a graduation announcement (or other description text to fit your theme). You will be able to view and approve all submissions before they go live to your site.

To setup this promotion: 

Grad Gallery Turnkey location

  • Go to your organization's Turnkey Library (see GIF above)
  • Scroll down to the Education Turnkey Category
  • Find the Senior Picture Graduation Photos turnkey
  • Click Create 
  • Continue to customize the turnkey to meet your community's needs

This turnkey uses the Community Gallery promotion. For our full guide on setting up a Community Gallery, click here

Media Release Consent

If you plan to use the submitted photos on your website, broadcast, or any other publication, you can turn on the Media Release Consent option in the Gallery step by clicking the + button on the right hand side.

Tip! This will prompt users to check the consent box, thus giving your organization permission to use any photos submitted to the gallery.

Media Release Consent

Live Contest: 

Media Release front end


If you would like to sort submissions by class, school, grade, etc., you can use the Categories function when setting up your contest, which will allow users to browse by the categories you create on the front end. 

Gallery Categories

Note: This turnkey has two Categories included: College and High School. You can edit or remove these categories from the Gallery tab. 

Categories will display across the top of your gallery as long as you have five or fewer. More than five categories will result in them being displayed in a column on the left.

Gallery Categories front end

Heads Up! If you do not license the Interactive Content portion of the platform, you can create a similar gallery using the Photo Sweepstakes contest type. For our full guide on Photo Sweeps, click here.