Email FAQ

How can I Add a Link to Our Preference Center within the Body of an Email?

The Opt-out Preference Center allows users to opt in or out of any audiences they are currently subscribed to, as well as any opt-ins you add to the Preference Center page. You may want to provide a link to this Preference Center within your emails so users can easily access it to adjust any of their subscriptions.

Example Use Cases

  • Welcome Emails and Onboarding Series: Use a link to the Preference Center as your CTA in a Welcome Email to show your audience what other newsletters they can subscribe to, and manage their current preferences.
  • Re-Engagement Campaigns: Use a link to the Preference Center as your CTA to encourage disengaged users to manage their preferences.
  • Regular Newsletters and Emails: Use the Preference Center link to add additional call-outs (header, etc) for preference management.

To add a link to your Preference Center within any email, simply add the below tokenized link to a button or linked text within the body of your email:


Preference Center Link in Email