General FAQ

How can I Add a Turnkey to my Account?

Turnkey campaigns are ready-to-run, easy-to-customize solutions that cover a variety of topics including sports, entertainment, seasonal, and news. These will provide your sales, marketing, and digital content teams with endless opportunities.

Currently we have over 500+ turnkeys, and you can view all of them here.

Tip! The link provided above is where you can simply view the turnkeys we offer. This is handy  if you need to show the turnkey to a sponsor or sales representative. Instructions on how to  add the turnkey to your account are detailed below.

Adding a Turnkey to Your Account

Create-turnkeyFirst, click on the promotion creation icon on the bottom right corner of the screen within either the Contests tab or the Interactive Content tab. You will see the Featured Turnkeys located at the bottom of the modal that appears.

To access all of our turnkeys, select the Explore Turnkeys option.


Within the All Turnkeys page, you will see featured turnkeys located at the top, as well as many other turnkeys By Category. To add the turnkey to your account, hover over the turnkey and select Create.

Tip! Once you have added the turnkey to your account, you will be prompted to name it. From there, you can make any edits to the turnkey that you see fit!

Creating a Turnkey

You also have the ability to create your own turnkeys at the Market or Chain level! Once created and added, these turnkeys will be available to all organizations within that Market or Chain.

  • Create the Contest or Interactive Content

    You will simply set up the contest or interactive content as you normally would! If you need help on building a specific content type, here's a link back to our main help page that will provide setup tutorials on all of our products!
  • Add the Contest or Interactive Content as a Turnkey in Your Account

    First, navigate to your Turnkeys. If you need help on locating that, just scroll up this page!
    You can then choose to Add Turnkey to Trending:
    creating a turnkeyOr, you can add your turnkey to a specific category:
    category turnkey