Email FAQ

How can I prevent emails from going into the Google 'Promotions' section?

Google has implemented several tabs for users to use as inboxes to help them categorize incoming email, which they can turn on or off: 

- Primary

- Promotions

- Social

- Updates

- Forums

Emails that marketers send will more often than not go into the Promotions tab. It’s important to understand this is not a bad thing. The Promotions tab is not SPAM. It is a specific tab Google has created to direct users to marketing related emails they find relevant.

Google knows that most users do not want marketing and social messages going to their main inbox with all their personal correspondence, so the Primary tab is now off limits for promotional emails. Google’s algorithm determines which emails go into which tab, and if the email looks and reads like a marketing email, it is going to the Promotions tab.

That being said, one way to ensure primary inbox placement and help overall inbox placement rates for the entire send is to encourage the recipient to add the From Address to their Contact List.

Even if users do not take this step, there is still good news. Users are not ignoring the Promotions tab, but are actively searching for email offers and reading them at almost the same rates at which they did before tabs.

Gmail has essentially created a second inbox where users hunt for email offers. So the real determining factors in whether or not your email gets read--and continues to arrive in the inbox-- and how often the user interacts with your email.