Email FAQ

How come I received an email hours after it was sent?

Your email may have been delayed due to one of the following reasons:


- Bulk send: Some ISP/email providers can throttle (delay) emails. They sometimes do this when a high volume is sent by one sender at one time because they want to ensure it is not SPAM. They let a small number of emails through to track results to determine how to handle the rest of the messages that have been delayed. They can then choose to delay, deliver, or not deliver.

- Drip emails: Drip campaign emails are not meant for transactional email, as they do not send in real time. User data has to get synced, and then audience calculations have to finish before the email sends. These are sent about 60 min. after being triggered on average due to latencies in our sending process, but it could take longer.

If you get your email after a few hours, one of the above reasons is possibly the cause. If this continues for multiple sends, you may want to evaluate the quality of your list through post send metrics, and have this data ready if you need to contact support.