General FAQ

How do Extra Chances Work?

What promotions offer Extra Chances?

You can add Extra Chances within:

  • Sweepstakes

  • Codeword Sweepstakes

  • Personality Quizzes

  • Trivia Quizzes

What types of Extra Chances can I offer?

  • Completing a Custom Field

    You can apply Extra Chances to any of the field types below:

    - Checkbox
    - Date
    - Drop Down
    - Multiple Checkboxes
    - Multiple Choice
    - Number
    - Text
    - Text (Long Response)
  • Referring a Friend
    If you choose to add extra chances for referring a friend, you can allow users to earn extra chances for every friend they refer, or earn extra chances just once, no matter how many friends they refer.
  • Opting In
  • Watching a Video
    Extra chances are awarded when someone watches the entire video.


  • Clicking a Link

    Extra chances are awarded when someone visits a link.2019-12-17_1304

  • Mobile App

    Extra chances are awarded when someone visits a link to the app store.

  • Alexa Skill
    Extra chances are awarded when someone visits a link to the skills store.
  • Facebook
    Extra chances are awarded when someone visits a link to a Facebook page.
  • Instagram
    Extra chances are awarded when someone visits a link to an Instagram page.

How do I add Extra Chances?new extra chances

You can add extra chances within the Sweepstakes step of your setup. When setting up your extra chances, you’ll be able to view a list of all your starred fields as well as custom fields you can add. The familiar Refer a Friend option will be listed at the top of the Starred items list in the left column.

extra chances 3

When adding the extra chances fields, you can also determine how many extra chances you would like to award for each action. Each field defaults to +1 extra chance. To edit the number of extra chances, simply click on the field.

Tip! If users have answered your question or opted in on a previous promotion, they will automatically be awarded the extra chances if they participate within the promotion.

extrachances1Now, when people enter your promotion, they will see a new Thank You page that will list all of the extra chance options you set up.

Check out this lab article on how to use extra chances to drive increased engagement and participation in your promotions.