Legacy Contest FAQ

How do I Add Global Opt-Ins to the Registration Page?

Select Global Opt-Ins


The Global Opt-Ins List


You will be presented with a list of any opt-ins created in other contests and have the ability to add any new opt-ins for this contest.

To add a new opt-in, select the Add a global Opt-In option in the top right corner.

Editing an Opt-in



If this box is checked, then the Opt-In is live on the contest.

Display Order

If you have more than one active opt-in, you can sort what order they will appear on your registration page by assigning the opt-ins numbers - 1 for the first opt-in you'd like to appear, 2 for the second, and so on.

Opt-In Name

Enter a name here that is relevant to you - it is only displayed here and on the exported spreadsheet for your reference.

Opt-In Text

This text is what will be displayed next to the checkbox on your contest. This is where you would enter, 'Yes, sign me up for your monthly newsletter!'

Email to Notify (Optional)

If you enter an email address here, we will send a notification when someone selects an opt-in to that address. These are simple notifications that someone opted in.


This is where you control if the opt-in is checked by default. Required opt-ins cannot be pre-checked.


If this is checked, the viewer must opt-in before proceeding when registering. We do not suggest requiring opt-ins unless it is for legal purposes.

Exporting the Data


To export the data as a .csv file (that you can open in Microsoft Excel), click on Export to the far right of the desired opt-in.

Tip! In Mozilla Firefox - this will be saved as export.asp. You can change the .asp file extension to .csv before opening it in Excel.