How do I Copy my Ballot from Last Year Without the Entrants?

Many of our partners like to utilize the same ballot format year over year, and we have a way to make that happen! Below, we have provided the steps for the best way to copy the ballot that was run last year without any of the entrants that were submitted.

Download the Entries Report from the Previous Year's Ballot

Second_Street_23F1B59BAccess the Dashboard of the ballot ran last year, and download the Entries report.

Copy the Ballot

Second_Street_23F1B4A2Click on the three dot menu to the right of the ballot ran last year and select Copy.

Delete the Groups in the New Ballot

Second_Street_23F1B6EBYou can delete your groups by clicking the three dot menu in the upper right corner of each group and selecting Remove Group. Once all of your groups are deleted, you will see the option to import your ballot.

Format the Import Document & Import Your Ballot

Remember the Entrants report you downloaded from last year's ballot? This is where that report comes into play! Follow these steps to extract the necessary data from your Entrants report to then import the correct information into your new ballot:

  • Select the option to Import From A Spreadsheet
  • Download the Sample Sheet
  • Copy the Group Names and Category Names from your Entrants report, and paste those into the correlating GroupName and CategoryName columns of the import document.

Heads Up! Your Entrants report will contain all entrants in the ballot - meaning the Group Names and Category Names will be listed multiple times. You will want to be sure you make each row its own unique category within your import document.

    • Here is an example of what your Entrant report could look like:MattsVotingEntrantsWWrite-in_Entrants_3ogscfgzwtv_23F1D6D9
    • Here is what your import document should look like with the above Groups and Categories:
  • Save your import document and select Import Ballot to import.

You should now see that your ballot is populated with your Groups and Categories!