Legacy Contest FAQ

How do I Edit the Tablet Branding of my National Contest?

Select the Tablet Tab


Click the Enable for Tablets checkbox to have the system create and serve a version of the site optimized for tablets.

Setup Name and Icon for Tablet Bookmarks


The Bookmark Name will appear when a customer saves the site as a bookmark. The Bookmark Icon will be used on the tablet's desktop to represent the bookmark. Ideally it should be 72 by 72 pixels square.

Select the Source for Branding


You can choose to use the same branding as the website. Tip! This is not generally advisable.

You can also choose to enter custom branding by pasting or entering HTML directly into the Branding HTML field, or you can choose auto-branding and provide a scrape page URL to a page that we will 'scrape' every 20 minutes to update your branding or wrapper.

Auto Branding


The most flexible, and for many the easiest, way to brand your site is via auto-branding. You will create a template page on your server or in your content management system (CMS) with the wrapper and ad positions you want.

You will indicate the location of the contest by inserting the following token: {UPICKEM}. Tip! This must include the braces.

You will most likely either nest the token in <div> tags or in a table cell <td>. You can place content on all four (4) sides of the contest if you wish.

When your scrape page is ready:

- Enable Auto-Branding

- Supply the URL for the scrape page

- Click Save Changes

You will see the HTML code for your branding appear in the Branding HTML field, but it will be read-only unless you disable auto-branding.

The system will immediately grab a copy of the branding. It will attempt to correct any relative links in the HTML as well. You may want to have a unique template for each contest so that you can traffic specific ad campaigns and get accurate traffic reports; creating unique templates will allow you to have unique traffic reporting tags on each template.

If you would like to see a sample of what the auto branding page should look like, go to


You can use this in a sample contest to try out as well.

Custom Branding


If you can't create templates for auto branding on your server, you can also insert static branding into the contest. If you choose to pursue custom branding, you will need to fix all links and references to be absolute instead of relative. An absolute path includes the full URL of the link including the domain name.

For example a graphic would be referred to by :




You can update the branding anytime you like, as often as you like by pasting in new text or editing the existing text. You will indicate the location of the contest by inserting the following token: {UPICKEM}.

Tablet Banner Content Area


1 - You can either enter custom links for ads or graphics specific to the tablet (the default behavior) or you can inherit the HTML from the website's Top Banner Content Area. If you have sophisticated enough code, you can make use of the same code in all locations and it will display the correct content for each device.

2 - The Top Banner Content Area is where you would insert html for graphics, text, flash files or ad tags that would appear above the contest, but be specific to this contest if you were to use a common template for your branding across many contests.

Tablet Stylesheet Skin


You can alter the look and feel of your contest via Cascading Stylesheets. We provide some options for you.

1 - You can use the same CSS you chose for the website or you can choose a different look for the phone.

2 - Default Stylesheets - you can choose one of our defaults by just clicking on the corresponding thumbnail. You can also see a preview of the defaults by just hovering your mouse over each one, a popup will appear with a sample.

Custom Tablet Stylesheet Skin


You can inherit any style overrides from the website, or limit the overrides to only those entered on this page in the field provided.

Preview your work


Once you have updated the branding and the CSS you can preview the contest by clicking the View Tablet button at the top right. This will open the site in a window sized close to the tablet UI and display the templates as they would appear from a tablet.