Legacy Contest FAQ

How Do I Only Allow Local Residents to Win Prizes?

Select Regions within Setup Options


Restricting Winners and/or Leaders


You can decide to restrict prize winners and/or the leaders that appear on the Leader Board to residents of the Region you define.

If you choose to restrict Leaders, then only those entrants in the contest that live in the Region will appear on the Leaders page.

Region Notes Given to Users

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Here is where you can choose to allow users from outside your Region to appear on the Leader Board. By checking the box, these leaders will appear, but will be denoted with an asterisk so they are aware of being ineligible for prizes, should their names appear at the top of the list for a given week.

Setup Region


- You can define your region via a comma delimited list of postal codes or by choosing one or more states or provinces from the list provided. ONLY select a value in the Region field if you wish all residents of that region to be eligible. ie Only select United States if all residents are to be eligible. If only those of a specific state or postal codes is to be used, then leave Region blank.

- If you select one or more states, you are allowing all residents of that state to be eligible. If you wish to only restrict to the postal code list, then leave State blank. You may multi-select state/provinces (Windows Users: Use CTRL and click) (Mac users: Hold down the "Apple" key and click)

- Postal codes should be comma delimited. Please list out each postal code (20850, 20851, etc) , ranges of postal codes (20850-20890) are not supported.

- You must enable Region on the Options page to set up a region based on the continent or country.