Contests FAQ

How do I pick and view my sweepstakes winners?

Pick, re-pick, and check winner eligibility

From your contest dashboard, select Pick and View Winners. Clicking the Pick Entire Round Winners button will select a winner for the contest or round. If your contest uses rounds, you can navigate the rounds using the dropdown at the top of the winner selection page.

Pick Winners new-1

Note: This button will say Pick Winners if you are only selecting 1 winner.

Winner Card

Re-Pick button

The resulting Winner Card will include details on the winning user’s eligibility to win future contests in the bottom left corner. Eligibility is set in the Rules and Legal step. For details on how to setup Restrictions, click here

Re-Pick Winners

If you need to re-pick a new winner for any reason, you may do so by clicking the Re-Pick Winner button or Re-Pick Entire Round button.

Re-Pick button-1

Heads Up! There is a difference in functionality between the Re-Pick Entire Round and the Re-Pick Winner buttons. 

  • If you choose Re-Pick Entire Round, all winning users for that round will be re-picked
  • If you choose Re-Pick Winner on an individual card, it will only re-pick that specific winner, not all winners for the round

    Both buttons will disqualify the user from winning based on the winner restrictions you have created.