General FAQ

How do I Publish my Promotion to Facebook?

Adding Your Promotion to Facebook


You can add the promotion to a Facebook page by clicking on Add Page in the Publish section.

Logging in to Facebook


After you click on Add Page, a new window will open where you will be able to log in to Facebook.

Tip! Make sure that you have Admin access to the Facebook page where you’re publishing the promotion.

Selecting Facebook Page(s)


Once you have logged in to Facebook, you will see a list of the page(s) you have admin access to. To add the promotion to your page(s), simply check the box to the left of the page(s) and click Done at the bottom.

Tip! Facebook’s API requires that the Facebook page have at least 2,000 followers.

Configuring Publish Dates


1. You can schedule when the promotion will display on the Facebook page(s) by clicking on the overflow menu to the right (see #1 above). The Facebook dates for the promotion will default to the promotion’s start date and is scheduled to be removed on the end date of the promotion.

Tip! Promotions that do not have end dates such as Polls and Quizzes will default to the date that the contest was created, and the end date will have to be added manually. 

2. The Mobile-Friendly URL is the dynamic link you should use to promote your promotion. This URL will open in the user's browser and will detect the type of device being used and direct them to the correct platform in order to participate.

Tip! This posts to a custom tab on Facebook available to desktop users only. Mobile and tablet users will not see the custom tabs. To see how your promotion will look when published to Facebook, see the image below.

Editing Publish Dates


If you decide to edit the Facebook dates, after you click on the overflow menu and select Edit, you will see a new window where you can change the Start Date and End Date.

On this page you will also be able to unpublish the promotion if it's active. If the promotion has not started, you will be able to click Publish Now and the start date will change to the current date and time.

How Will My Contest Display on Facebook's Custom Tabs?


Once you've successfully published your promotion to Facebook, your promotion will appear on the column to the left of the Facebook page as seen above.