Legacy Contest FAQ

How do I run a multiple choice contest?

Multiple Choice with One Correct Answer


Create a contest with 1 round, then go to the Design/Results tab and click the Add a New Question button.

Enter the Question, the cutoff time, and the possible answers. Once the questions are entered, you will want to open them for picks using the Open all Games button.

When you know the answers to each question, you will want to click Edit next to each question, enter the correct answer, and mark the question as Final.

Once all questions are Final, pick your winners using the Pick Week's Winner button.

Multiple Choice with More Than One Correct Answer


Click on Design/Results tab, then select the Add a New Question button. You will then be presented with the setup screen for the contest for day/week/round 1.

Select the question status from the Status popup menu

TBD - Not Open Yet -This status enters the game into the system, but does not allow fans to make picks yet.

Open For Picking - Use this status to allow fans to make picks for the question.

Closed For Picking - After the cutoff time, the question will automatically change to this status. When a question is closed, fans can no longer make picks.

Final - After you enter the correct answer for the question, select Final. This marks the contest as such and computes points for all those who picked the answer correctly.

Enter a Cutoff Date/Time for the question. Picks will not be accepted after this date/time. Generally, closing the question anywhere from 30-60 minutes before the scheduled start time is acceptable. An automated task runs every five minutes to close questions so questions may be closed as much as five minutes after your cutoff date/time.

Enter a name for the event. This will appear on the pick page presented to the users.

Select the number of answers that the users (fans) can pick. For example, if there is a field of 50, you might let each user create a team of 10, if there are 20 entrants, maybe a field of 3, etc.

Also, enter any notes you wish have appear on the site and enter the entrant names in each row.

Depending on how this is being used, you may want to post a potential point score for a given entry. This is useful in a contest where maybe there are more points for making a riskier pick. For instance there could be a field of entrants in contest where some entrants are more likely to win than others. You could make those choices worth more points than those that are more likely to win or place well.

Change the status to Open for the necessary questions.

1Once the event is over, return to this page and enter the final points. One scenario is that only those entrants that finish would get the points that were available as Potential Points. 

One the question is marked as Final, click the Pick Week's Winners button and the winners will be chosen and posted.

Repeat these steps for each week/day/round. After the contest is completed, also click the Pick Overall Winner button.