Contests FAQ

How do Rounds and Picking Winners Work in a Sweepstakes?

If you are running a sweepstakes with multiple rounds, the system will allow you to pull a winner or winners within each round. Users' entries do not carry over round to round, which means users will only be eligible to win within a round if they have submitted an entry within that specific round.

Selecting Daily/Weekly Winners within a Non-Rounded Sweepstakes

If you would like to run a sweepstakes where all entries are eligible for daily/weekly/etc. prizes, you can create a sweepstakes with one round. This will allow all entries to be eligible at all times.

When you would like to pull a winner, you will access the View & Pick Winners option within the Dashboard of your sweepstakes. Each time you need to select a new daily/weekly/etc winner, you can select the Re-Pick Round Winner option within the View & Pick Winners section of the Dashboard.

Tip! You will want to keep track of your selected winners within a separate spreadsheet (or something similar), as the system will clear out previous winners when you re-pick a winner.

Selecting an Overall Winner within a Rounded Sweepstakes

If you would like to run a sweepstakes with rounds and also pull an overall winner for the sweepstakes, you can manually pick an overall winner from all entries received within the sweepstakes.

Simply download the Entries report within the Dashboard of your sweepstakes. You can then access a random number generator online.

Input the number of rows listed within the Entries report into the random number generator. The random number the generator provides will then correspond to that row within your Entries report. The user within that row will then be selected as your overall winner.