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How Does Second Street Prevent Voter Fraud?

Preventing Bot Fraud

If a suspicious amount of activity begins to display from an IP address, we will start introducing hCAPTCHAs on the registration form to prevent bots from entering large quantities of submissions into the system. This allows legitimate users to use the platform while protecting you from entry or voter fraud.

How does the hCAPTCHA work?

hCAPTCHA I am humanCaptchas are used in all promotion types, not just in promotions where voting occurs.

If we detect that a user's IP address or browser fingerprint is involved in two successful registrations within an hour, we will show a Captcha. 

If users share the same IP address or browser fingerprint (such as users at a business, school, or apartment complex), as long as the user completes a Captcha, they will not see the Captcha again for another two form submissions. The system assumes that a successful completion of the Captcha is a sign that the users are human and will wait for another two registrations before displaying the Captcha again.

If the IP address or browser fingerprint does not trigger a Captcha, we then run the user's IP address (and other information) through a third-party fraud vendor called IP Quality Score. This provides us with details of the user's fraud risk based on factors such as a fraud score and the IP Address’ location. If the IP's risk score fails our threshold, we then show a Captcha.

Moderate People by IP Address:

We also provide a way for you to monitor IP addresses within your dashboard in the Moderate People section. This will show you how many users have registered per IP address, thus allowing you to monitor the IP address activity and disqualify all users from a specific IP address if necessary.