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How to Host Images

Image hosting allows you to upload images (or .gifs etc) to an image hosting service that will then store the images onto its server. The image hosting service will then provide you with a URL for that image that you can use to insert your image within Second Street. 

Tip! If you are trying to add .gifs anywhere within the platform, they will need to be hosted. 

Where You Can Host Images 

  • Most likely, your web/IT team will have the ability to host images for you. We would suggest reaching out to your internal team first to see if they can assist. 
  • You can use a free image hosting service like the following: 

Inserting Hosted Images 

If you are trying to insert a hosted image or .gif within the ad area of a Ballot, this article will walk through those steps!

Check out this help article that will detail how to add images via URL within our National Sports Contests.

Once the image hosting service has provided with the URL for your image, you can insert it into the various areas of our platform that allow you to add images. The below image will detail how you can add a hosted image to the Template Image area of a contest design using the Add Via URL option: 2021-05-13_09-37-45