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How to Set Up a Birthday Club Campaign

Birthday Club Campaigns are a surefire way to increase database growth while also providing a unique opportunity to generate significant sponsorship revenue from local businesses. Below are the recommended steps to create a successful Birthday Club email campaign. Also, be sure to download our Birthday Club Best Practices Guide here. 

Note: You can mirror the same setup described in this article to execute your Wedding Anniversary Email campaign.

Set Up Your Birthday Audience

Setting Up the Birthday Club Email

Launching Your Birthday Club Campaign

Set Up Your Birthday Audience

Birthday Club Opt-In Question Setup

  • Create the Birthday Club Opt-In: Create an opt-in audience with an opt-in question asking users to sign up to join your Birthday Club.


  • Create and Embed Sign-Up Widget(s): Create opt-in Sign-Up Widget(s) to embed on your site. Make sure to include the Birthdate field on your sign-up widget(s). You can start with sample text like:

Want to get a special email from us on your Birthday? Sign up here!

  • Add the Opt-In to Registration Forms: Add your Birthday Club opt-in to your Default Registration Form (and don’t forget about the Birthdate field) so you can continue to grow this list with each promotion. 
  • Create a Welcome Email: Create and Confirm a Welcome Email via the Welcome Email step. Most users expect to receive a Welcome Email after signing up for clubs/offers, and these emails are sure to get your audience excited about the campaign.

    In your Welcome Email, provide a simple message with details about Birthday Club’s special offers, while also thanking the user for signing up. You can use sample text like:

Thanks for joining our Birthday Club! We’ll email you a special message on your birthday, and maybe even a few surprises from local businesses! It’s our way of saying ‘thanks for being you’ on the best day of the year!”

Check out our Guide to Welcome Emails for more Welcome Email best practices.

Setting Up the Birthday Club Email

Birthday Message Step
  • Create the Birthday Email: Click to create a Birthday Email on the Email tab. Design your Birthday Email on the Message step. Use a Second Street template or build a custom template. We recommend the Simple or Note template for single sponsor campaigns, and the Frames or Gallery template for a multi-sponsor or multi-offer campaign.

Be sure to include your sponsor’s logo, the sponsor’s coupon or special offer, and be sure to personalize the email using tokens like {{User.FirstName}} in the subject line and greeting of the email.

For more content examples, check out How to Build a Great Birthday Email.

  • Add the Birthday Club Audience: Make sure to add the Birthday Club Opt-In Audience that you created for this campaign on the Recipients step. Users will be added to this campaign as they opt-in to the audience.
  • Schedule the Birthday Email: The Schedule step allows you to schedule the Birthday Email on, before, or after the user’s birthday. We recommend scheduling the Send Time of the email earlier in the day so the customer can take advantage of any special offer and avoiding evening sends.

Launching Your Birthday Club Campaign

  • Run a Kick-Off Promotion or Landing Page: Consider including a kick-off promotion as part of your sponsorship package to gather sign-ups for the birthday club. Create a Sweepstakes, use a Turnkey quiz, or create a Survey if you are not planning on giving away a prize.
  • Embed the Landing Page Year-Round: Make sure to embed your Birthday Club landing page on your website year-round as well as sign-up widgets embedded on your right rail ad spaces.
  • Target Existing Subscribers and Send an Announcement Email: You may have a Promotions audience to send to, but you may also have a Breaking News audience that would also love to benefit from the Birthday Club Campaign. Create a segmented audience that filters by Age to see what users that have provided their birth date information.

    Create a separate Single Email for your birthday club landing page to send to the users that have already provided their birthdate information. Add the segmented audience to the email, and you can use sample text like: 

Hi {{User.FirstName}},

We’re starting a Birthday Club to recognize our listeners/readers/viewers on their special day, with a special message and treats.

If you’d like to be included, and get your Birthday email, just click here.

  • Keep the Celebrations Going and Watch Your List Grow: Watch your list grow and work on renewing your birthday campaign each year with different sponsor(s) and offer(s)!

Case Studies/Examples:

Case Study: Northwest Florida Daily News - Birthday Club Email Secures $80K+ in Sponsorship Revenue

Case Study: Aberdeen News Company - Birthday Club Drives 40% Open Rate & $15K Annual Revenue

Case Study: WGN-TV -Station Drives $50K with Email Birthday Club