General FAQ

How to Set Up a Recurring Revenue Campaign

This article will describe how you can initially set up your campaign and how to maintain that campaign month after month.

We will detail how to set up a Recurring Photo Contest campaign within this article, but the concept can be utilized across all contest types.

Setting Up Your Initial Campaign

You will first need to set up your campaign for the first month you'd like the contest to run. This is a very straightforward process, as you will set up your contest as normal. Here is a link to our Photo Contest setup documents that will walk you through how to set up a photo contest.

Copying Your Campaign for Each Month


The initial campaign you set up will run for the first month of your entire campaign. You can then set up the contests for the following months by copying the first campaign.

Just select the three dot overflow menu to the right of the contest and choose Copy.

Tip! This will copy every aspect of the campaign, including all design aspects.

Editing Your Monthly Campaigns

Once your contest is copied, you can make any necessary changes to the copied contest for the coming month. For example, you can edit the Dates so the contest is open for the entirety of the coming month. You can also make any edits to the design, emails, etc. if necessary.

Swapping Out Your Embed Codes

If you are embedding your recurring revenue promotins on your site, you will simply need to swap out the embed codes of each month's contest.

For example, you are running a Teacher of the Month contest. The contest for the month of April has ended, and you need the contest for the month of May to appear on your website. You will need to remove the embed code of the contest for the month of April from your contest page within your CMS, then add the embed code of the contest for the month of May to that page within your CMS.


You can find the embed code for your contest within the Publish set up your contest setup.