Important Terminology

The terms and definitions below should help you to understand the different functionalities the Template Builder offers!


Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 10.50.37 AM

This refers to the 11 types of content you can drag into a template: text, image, button, articles, section, social links, menu, divider, spacer, static HTML, and custom HTML.

Content Block

This refers to a specific piece of content in a template, like a Header Image, Main Button, or a custom one named however you want, like “Blog Image”.


This refers to the elements that can have styling applied for each component, like the font, width, padding, color, etc. Example: Font is an attribute for the Text component.

Content Default

This refers to the initial content you see for each content block every time it appears in a template or an email. This can be generic text or a placeholder image provided by Second Street, or it can be specific text or visuals set by you.


This refers to the layout that will be used for emails.


This refers to a piece of dynamic content that is represented by Handlebars code and is swapped out with real content after send, such as User.FirstName.