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It's Raining Spring Revenue!

Kick off your Spring with It’s Raining Spring Revenue: 4 Steps to Success!

Time to start thinking about Lawn & Landscaping, Real Estate, Home Improvement, HVAC, Babies, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Healthcare

Make sure you're ready and Get Your Revenue Guide to Spring Promotions!

Heat Up your Spring Contest Calendar with Voting Brackets!

Become a Bracket expert with our help articles here!

Kick off the Bracket season with these ideas:

103 Ideas for a Year of Brackets

7 Engaging Bracket Ideas for Newspapers

8 Top Bracket Ideas for TV

8 Must-Run Bracket Ideas for Radio

8 Smart Bracket Ideas for Magazines

Second Street National Sweepstakes!

Second Street is offering five National Sweepstakes for 2020.  

  • Car Payments for a Year:   Mar 9th - 30th
  • Summer Travel Getaway:   June 15th - July 8th
  • Win Groceries for a Year:   Sept 7th - 28th
  • Rent or Mortgage for a Year:   Nov 16th - Dec 14th

Why Sell Just One?

Simplify your sales process and drive revenue month after month with recurring-revenue campaigns. Securing a big sponsorship for a single contest is great, but then you have to do it again and again each month. Recurring revenue campaigns will streamline your sales process as you turn a single promotion into bigger dollar buys.

Getting Started with Recurring-Revenue Campaigns

8 Fantastic Ideas for Recurring-Revenue Promotions


Grocery Giveaways

Hometown Hero

Advertiser Showcase

What is it?

An Advertiser Showcase is essentially a single landing page for multiple contests around a single theme or subject.

Why should I create one?

By creating a showcase, you are able to promote multiple advertisers and contest through a single page, allowing users to select the contest or promotion they want to enter.

How can I create one?

Check our our help manuals that will detail how an Advertiser Showcase can be created here!

Benefits of an Advertiser Showcase

  • Ability to sell to multiple advertisers around a single theme
  • Ability to promote a single concept or theme to users
  • Drive traffic to a single page

Contest Ideas By Month:

  • April

75 Ideas for April 2020 Holidays

3 Ideas to Increase Your April Revenue

  • May

86 Ideas for May 2020 Holidays

3 Ideas to Increase Your May Revenue

  • June

96 Ideas for June 2020 Holidays

3 Ideas to Increase Your June Revenue


Suggested Turnkeys for April, May, and June 

Tip! You can check out a full list of Turnkeys by downloading our Turnkey Library.

Did you know you can customize a Turnkey?

Once you’ve added a Turnkey promotion to your property, you can customize the turnkey as you see fit - editing questions/outcomes/text, adding opt-ins or sponsor logos, and custom graphics to make the promotion your own.

Click here to learn how to customize a turnkey


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Home Improvement Giveaway


What Should You Get Your Mom For Mother's Day

Who's Your TV Mom?

Mommy and Me Photo Contest


Daddy and Me Photo Contest

Who's Your TV Dad?

Father's Day Sweepstakes