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Jumpstart the Year with Winter Promotions

Start the year off right with a recurring-revenue campaign:

Getting Started with Recurring-Revenue Campaigns


Why should I create one?

This will provide you with a strategy to not only simplify your sales process, but also drive revenue month after month. Securing a big sponsorship for a single contest is great, but then you have to do it again and again each month. Recurring revenue campaigns are streamlining your sales process as you turn a single promotion into bigger dollar buys.

Here are some ideas: 8 Fantastic Ideas for Recurring-Revenue Promotions

Who doesn't love a Turnkey? Our Recurring-Revenue Turnkeys:

Grocery Giveaways

Hometown Hero

Teacher of Month

Athlete Of the Week

Don’t get stuck out in the cold.  Check out our 4 Steps to Winter Revenue Success.


Contest Ideas

57 Ideas for January 2020 Holidays

5 Ideas to Increase Your January Revenue

61 Ideas for February Holidays

3 Ideas to Increase Your February Revenue

63 Ideas for March Holidays

4 Ideas to Increase Your March Revenue

Tip! You can check out a full list of Turnkeys by downloading our Turnkey Library.


Did you know you can customize a Turnkey?

Once you've added a Turnkey promotion to your property, you can customize the turnkey as you see fit - editing questions, outcomes, text, adding opt-ins, sponsor logos,  and custom graphics to make the promotion your own.

Suggested Turnkeys for January, February, and March


Fitness Giveaway

How Many Calories Does it Burn?

Healthy Selfie Photo Contest

What’s Your Healthy Eating IQ?

Pro Football Big Game Challenge


Big Game Football Trivia

Ultimate Mancave Giveaway

What kind of a Big Game Viewer Are You?

How Much Do You Know About Black History?

Cutest Couples Photo Contest

Test Your Mardi Gras Knowledge


How Much Do You Know About St. Patrick’s Day?

Test Your College Hoops Tournament Knowledge

How Much Do You Know About Women’s History?

Women's Suffrage Trivia

Eye Trivia (Eye & Vision Wellness Month)

Best Of Just Around the Corner?

Get a head start on your Best Of with our Guide to Citywide Ballots. Looking to up your game in 2020? Check out our guide to Maximizing Your Engagement & Revenue with Ballots.

Need help setting up your ballots?

No worries! We've got you covered. Here's how to set up a two-phase Nomination & Voting Ballot or a one-phase Voting Ballot.