Setup Help

Legacy Prediction Bracket - Edit Bracket & Entrants

This guide will walk you through how to add entrants and create your bracket.

Adding Entrants

Select the Entrants tab in the navigation bar.


Click on each number in each Quadrant to configure each Entrant's settings.



Within each Entrant, you can edit:


Entrant Name

Thumbnail and Larger Images

The images will appear on the bracket (thumbnail) and in the expanded view (larger image). Just enter the image URL into the appropriate field.

Short and Long Descriptions

The short description displays on the bracket page and the long description displays on the expanded view.

Adding Match-ups to the Bracket

Once entrants have been added to the Entrants tab, they can be added to the bracket under the Edit Bracket tab.



Click the Edit Matchup links in each bracket game to add entrants to that game.


Bracket Games


You can set the following for each matchup:

1. Game Status

This determines the status of this game. The options are TBD, Open for picks, Closed for picks, and Final.

Tip! You will need to open each game manually for picking. The game will close automatically at the Cutoff Time listed and once a contest administrator enters the final score, they will need to mark the game as final.

2. Cutoff Time

This determines when the game will automatically close for picking.

3. Game Information

Under the team section choose the entrant from each dropdown to determine the matchup. The picks columns will show the number of picks for each entrant.

Tip! A contest administrator will need to enter the score field manually.

4. Details

This allows additional details about this game to be added.