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Legacy Prediction Bracket - Edit Emails

The Custom Brackets have a number of emails that are available, and each can be edited to include promotional information or ads for sponsors and more!

Types of Emails Available

Welcome Message

The Welcome email is sent to each user upon successful registration. By default, it includes the user's name and password, as well as a link to the contest.

Picks Reminder Message

The Reminder Email is a message you can send before each round. You can set the Reminder Email schedule by selecting the View Reminder Email Schedule at the top of the page. By default the Reminder Email includes a link to the contest and references the current round of the bracket.

Message to User's Friends

This email is sent to friends of the user on his/her behalf as a viral effort to increase participation in the contest. This template includes tokens for the user's first and last names, so that its clear that this email was sent by an acquaintance and is not an unsolicited email from either Second Street or you, the affiliate.

User's Group Invite Message

This email is sent to friends the user would like to invite to the group he/she just created.

Invitation Message

This email is sent to all users with valid accounts in your user database that have opted in to receiving invitation emails from you. By default the email template includes the user's login, password, and a link to the contest.


There are a number of tokens that you will see in the email templates. Each is replaced dynamically when the emails are generated.

Tip! Tokens are not replaced when you send test messages to yourself. They are only replaced when the email is sent.

New Registration and Previous User Invitation Mails


Inserts the URL for the your national sports site and contest


Inserts the user's password as reminder


Inserts the user's username as reminder

Reminder Email


Inserts the correct week of the season


Inserts the URL for the your national sports site and contest

Referral Email


Inserts the referrer's first name


Inserts the referrer's last name


Your national sports contest's URL

Invitation to Group Mail


Your national sports contest's URL


The name of the group


The password of the group

How to Send the Invitation Emails


Once you have have edited the Invitation Email to your satisfaction, you can send yourself a test message to confirm that the message displays properly in your email client.  

You can schedule the invitations to be sent out by checking the box and then specifying the date and time you wish to have it sent. After the email has been sent, you will be able to schedule a second email to be sent.