General FAQ

Logging In, Logging Out, and Switching Organizations within Your Account

Logging in To the Partner Tool

Second_StreetYou can log in to the Second Street Partner tool at

Tip! We recommend that you bookmark this page so that you know you are logging in from the correct location. 

If you are having issues getting logged in, select the Forgot Your Password link, and we will send an email to your account with a link to reset your password. 

logging inOnce you are logged in, you will see a list of organizations to choose from, including any chain and child accounts that you have access to. Click on an organization within that list to be taken to the engagement dashboard for that property.

Logging Outlogging ouy

To logout, select the hamburger menu in the upper left next to your company name, then Logout in the bottom right corner of the menu. You will be returned to

Switching Between Organizations

switching orgsTo change from one organization to another, select the hamburger menu next to your company name in the upper left, and then click on your organization name in the menu. This will return you to the choose organization screen to select another property.

Second_Street (1)If you do not readily see the property you are looking for, it may be nested under a parent account. You can view any associated properties by clicking the arrow next to an organization in the list (the arrow will not appear if there are no nested properties).