Interactive Content FAQ

How do Users Log Back In to my Contest?

Our ballots, photo contests, video contests, and voting brackets do not require users to create a login and password to remember each time they visit the promotion. Instead, we’ve created a magic login link unique to each user. Users can use this link to log in if they have been logged out of the contest, or if they are visiting the promotion from another device than they used when they originally entered. This login link is based on the user’s browser cache. Much simpler than remembering a username and password!

How do Users Access their Magic Login Link?

If a user is logged out of the contest or accesses the contest via a different device, they can access trigger their magic login link to be sent to them by selecting Already Entered? button on the top left of the contest:


Once they click this link, they’ll be asked to enter their email address.


Once they have entered their email address, the below screen will appear letting the user know that their magic login link has been sent to them.


Tip! The magic login link sent within this email will work for 90 days, so users can use that link during this window to log in. It is also helpful to have users check their Spam/Junk folders if they report that they are not receiving this link. The email will always have the title of the promotion in the subject line. If a user needs to login past the 90 day mark, they can simply request a new login link. 

If a user is still not receiving their login link, how can I provide them that link?

User's magic login links can be accessed in the Moderate People section of the Dashboard. Check out the below articles that will detail how this is done!

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Voting Brackets - Moderate People