Product Roundups

May Email Features Roundup: Embeddable Email Preference Center, Editable HTML Content, and more!

Backup Values for Email Personalization Tokens

You can now set a backup value for some email personalization tokens. If a member of your audience is missing data the token relies on, the backup value will fill the gap in the message. That means that even if you haven’t collected something like the recipient’s first name, your email will still convey an appropriate greeting like “Friend” or “Hello.” You can set a backup value for first name, last name, birthdate, gender, and several more. View our help article to learn more about setting email token fallback values.


Embeddable Email Preference Center

It is now possible to embed our Opt Out Preference Center on your website. The preference center allows you to select the subscriptions you want people to see when they unsubscribe. This is a great way to give your users the control they desire over what emails they’re receiving and allow them to manage their subscriptions within a trusted environment. Learn how to set up the preference center and embed it on your website here.


Place editable HTML content in your emails

Second Street’s Template Builder now allows you to place editable HTML content blocks in your email templates. Editable HTML content can be changed easily from one email to the next. This is useful if you are placing banner ad tags in your newsletters and want to customize each one and also for groups who use shared templates. View our help article to learn more about adding editable HTML to your templates.