Drip Campaign

Multiple Email Drip Campaign - Message


*This video highlights a Single Email.

Choose your Design Method

A Single Email will default to the Template design method. Read this article about different design methods available.

The Template Designer

The Template Designer features a right-hand navigation that helps visualize every element available in your selected template. You'll notice each category receives a checkmark after being completed. These checkmarks help you see what else needs to be edited.

An email's message will not be complete until all elements have been edited, or removed from your selected template

Tip! You can setup default content blocks within your email's message to speed up the setup. Check out this article to learn more about using default content blocks.

Import Articles

If you have articles published and available at an RSS feed, you can use this feature to easily import your content into a customizable template.

- Click to Import Articles

- Paste or type in your website's RSS Feed URL.

Tip! Most RSS feeds can be found at 'website.com/feed', for example: http://lab.secondstreet.com/feed/

- Select which article(s) you'd like imported to the template. These can be re-arranged in any order you'd like by dragging and dropping the articles in the Items category.

Select a Template

You'll want to select a template that includes all of the elements needed in your email's message.

Tip! For example, if you need to include a Banner Ad in your message, you'll need to select a template such as Brief.

After selecting your template, continue editing each of the template's elements. You can do this by clicking in the Template Preview area, or by clicking in the Template Designer Navigation.

Tip! For partners that license Email and Audience Insights, you're able to create your own template using the Second Street Template Builder.

From & Subject

Select the From Address you'd like to send the email from, and confirm the From Name and Reply-To address.

Set the Subject and Preheader Text for your email. You can use the blue "+" button on the right-hand side of the input field to include any personalization tokens.


Set your Primary and Secondary colors by inputting a hex value or by clicking to view and use a color wheel.


Each item includes a HeadlineImageDescription, and Button. Each of these item elements can be edited by clicking into the item and using the dropdown button to edit any TextLink URLsImages, or Alt Text.

If you imported articles from an RSS Feed (mentioned above), you'll see each article listed as an Item. You can use this area to make any adjustments to each item's HeadlineImageDescription, and Button. You can reorder the articles by dragging and dropping in the template designer navigation.

You can add additional items to any multi-item template by clicking the "Add Item" button in the Items category.

Tip! You will only be able to add more items after at least one item has been completed in the message.

Header & Body

Set your message's Call to ActionHeader Image, and Intro Text.

Social & Footer

Set your message's Banner AdsFooter ImageSocial URL's, and Small Print.

Adding Multiple Messages

You have the ability to add multiple messages to your drip campaign. There is no limit to the number of messages you can create within a drip campaign. The setup for the subsequent messages will follow the same steps as the setup for your first message.

Completing Your Message

Your message will be complete once all of the message's elements have been edited or removed from the selected template. This is represented by a series of checkmarks in the template designer navigation, as well as a checkmark on the Message step of your email setup.

Tip! Don't forget to send a Test Email before moving to the Recipients step! We recommend sending at least one test message before confirming each email.