Newsletter - Approval Email

Early Approval

Newsletters created in the email platform will automatically update with new articles from the RSS feed used to set up your message. Using the Early Approval feature will create an Approval Email that will be sent to designated members of your team to approve the message content before the email is sent.

Setting Up an Approval Email

You can turn on Early Approval in your newsletter from the Schedule step.

Schedule Step Approval
  1. Switch the Approval dropdown to ON
  2. Select the time when the message will send. You can send the message at the scheduled send time, or at a fixed amount of time prior to sending. 
  3. Add the email address of the user that will be approving the messages. It is possible to have more than one user receive approval emails.

Heads Up! If you add multiple users as eligible to approve your messages, only one of those users has to click approve for the message to be sent.

Tip! You can also click the Turn on Early Approval button from the Message step to jump straight to activating this feature. If the feature has already been turned on, you will see a button to disable it.

Early Approval design step

early approval on

Approving Your Message

Approval emailYou will receive a newly updated version of your newsletter at the time you designate in the Schedule step. You can use this email to review your most recently imported article content before sending your message. If the message is ready to go, select Approve and Send Now. If changes are needed before the message can be sent, select Edit Newsletter.  

Editing Your Email

Editing EmailIf changes are needed in your email, clicking Edit Newsletter in your approval email will take you back to the Message step. You can click Refresh Articles to pull in any new article content. You can also add and remove any other content you’d like to change. Once you have made your changes, click Resend Approval Email.

Heads Up! You will need to approve the message from the new approval email before your email will be sent.