Newsletter - Recipients

This section will allow you to dictate who you want your email to be sent to.

Selecting Audiences


You can type into the Add an Audience box to search for audiences to include. Clicking the magnifying glass will open a list of your audiences and also give you the option to create a new audience.

Check out our Audience articles to learn more about creating an audience.

Tip! You may select as many audiences as you like unless you are sending your email to a third party audience. Once you add a third party audience, you will not be able to add any additional audiences, as you can only send to one third-party audience at a time.



If you have a list of people who should not receive this message, even if they happen to be in the audiences you selected previously, you can specify those lists here.

Deliverability Boost


You also have the option to turn on our Deliverability Boost feature. This option is available so you can avoid sending to unengaged users that may hurt your inbox placement and sender reputation.

- If you choose Yes, this will boost your email deliverability by filtering out user email addresses that have not opened any emails in the past 9 months. 

- If you choose No, you will choose to send the email to all users within the audiences selected.

Sending Copies to Your Team


This third step give you the option to manually enter email addresses of people on your team you would like to receive a copy of this message when it's sent.

Tip! Your audiences won't ever see these email addresses.