Newsletter - Schedule

Automate your newsletter, and enable an Approval Email to use automation as a basis for a variety of email workflows

The Approval Email

Set a send Date and Time


Set the Frequency of your Newsletter

Newsletter - Schedule

A Newsletter's frequency determines how often you'd like the Newsletter to send, as well as how often the email's content is imported. Before the scheduled send time for each email, the template will update with the most recent content published to your RSS feed. If you're using a Scrape Page, the email will be updated with the most recent content published to the Scrape Page URL.

Frequency Options:

- Once per day

- Every Saturday (the day of the week you set in the send date)

- Multiple times per week

- Once per month, on the 4th of the month (the date you set in the send date)

- Once per month, on the first Saturday (the day of the month you set in the send date)

- Once per year

- Custom

Turn on and set the send time of your Approval Email


Enabling an Approval Email allows you to curate the email before it sends. When you receive the email, you will have the option to Approve the content, or Edit. Clicking "Approve" will schedule the email to send at the set time. Clicking "Edit" will allow you to edit the email as a Single Email.

  • Approval sends:

    • At send time

    • 'X' hours before send time

    • 'X' minutes before send time

  • Set who the approval email should send to

Tip! When you receive an approval email, the partner tool will display a Refresh Articles option (if you are using an RSS Feed to pull in your articles). If you select the Refresh Articles option, we will pull in the fresh content from your feed and update the articles in the preview.

Keep in mind, any new articles will need to be properly updated within the RSS Feed. If the article just displayed on your site, but hasn't been added to your RSS Feed, we will not be able to pull in the new article.

Set when your Newsletter should End

  • Never
  • After 'X' number of occurrences
  • On a specific date