Opt-In Audiences

Opt-In Audience - Member Import

An Opt-In Audience compiles all the users that have subscribed to that opt-in.

Tip! When you create a new Opt-In List, you create an opt-in you can include on any of your registration forms. If you create an opt-in on your registration form, you will automatically generate a new Opt-In audience within the Audience tab.

Adding a Single Email Address

Draft-Single-Email-To-OptinWithin the Members tab, select the Add a Single Email Address button in the upper right corner of the Member's list. You will then be able to type in that user's email address and have the option to include their first and last name.

Adding Multiple Usersopt-in audience - uploading audience

  • Navigate to the Members tab
  • Click on the blue + icon in the bottom right corner
  • Download the Sample Sheet and insert the user information into the document

Tip! Any columns not on the sample sheet will be imported into existing fields if their names match. Columns that don't match will be imported as new fields. You'll also have a chance to create and match fields after uploading.

  • Check the box to verify the users you are adding have truly opted in, and upload your document.

2020-10-13_17-11-31You can also import a list of users in the same way as indicated above within the Setup tab in the Member Import section.

Note: It will take some time for the total size of your audience to reflect this change.

Tip! You can continually upload lists to this audience. Both CSV and Excel files are supported.