Opt-In Audiences

Opt-In Audience - Signup Widget

A widget is a tool you can embed on your website that will allow users to easily opt-in to receive any of your newsletters, daily emails, and more!

Accessing your Widget

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Your Widget for your Opt-In Audience is located in the Setup tab of your Opt-In Audience.

Choosing a Widget Type


Clicking on the three dot menu in the upper right corner of your widget checklist, you can choose between two widget types:

  • Embedded Widget

This widget type is embedded and static on your site. Your widget will default to the Embedded Widget type.

  • Exit Intent Widget

This widget type appears and overlays the center of the page when a person’s cursor gets close to the top of the browser—indicating they show intent to leave your web page.


Your widget will default to utilizing only the Email field on your form. However, you can add more fields to your form by selecting Add an Item.

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You will be able to add the following items to your widget form:

  • Checkbox

  • Date

  • Text

Tip! This also includes any starred items that you have created that are a checkbox, date, or text item type.


You can add multiple opt-ins to your widget. It will default to just including the opt-in associated with your opt-in audience. To add further opt-ins, just select Add Signup Opt-In 2.

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When adding a new opt-in, you can utilize the search field to locate the correct opt-in. Once you've located the correct opt-in, select 'Done'.


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Within the Aesthetics section, you can set the:

  • Primary Color

Choose your color by inserting the hex code or choosing the color from the color wheel.

  • Image

You will have the option to upload your image, add an image from your Library, or add an image via URL

Tip! You can remove an image from your widget by selecting the gray x to the right.


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Enter your text for the:

  • Header

  • Subheader

  • Button

After Signup

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Insert a Thanks Message that users will see after they subscribe.

You will also have an option to insert a button beneath the Thanks Message that can link to a destination of your choice.

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Embed Code

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You will need to embed your widget on a site with an HTML embed code or Wordpress shortcode.

If you are using the Wordpress shortcode, you will need to install our Wordpress plugin. You can download the plugin here.

Adding a Second Widget

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You can create multiple widget versions for a single opt-in! After you set up your first widget, you can create others with different text, images, and colors so opt-ins can benefit from sign-up widgets that will fit in well everywhere on your site!

To add another widget, just select Add Widget and the bottom of the widget checklist. When you add a widget, it will duplicate the design previously created widget. You can then edit anything necessary within the newly added widget.