Opt-In Management

Opt-In Management - Hot Leads Notifications

Give your sponsors access to their promotion leads as soon as they come in. They’ll also be able to set up notifications reminding them of new opt ins on an hourly, daily, or weekly frequency.

Partner Tool Setup


  • On the Entry Form setup step of a promotion, click to Add an Item to your form.
  • Search for an existing Opt-In field, or create a new Opt-In field.
  • Enable the Notify and Share options.
  • Include email addresses you'd like to be notified when new leads are generated from the Opt-In.
  • Determine the information you would like shared with individuals listed in the previous step. 

Note: You will only be able to provide information that has been submitted on the same form and from the same promotion as the Opt-In. 

You can change what data you want to share, or revoke access at any time. Simply go back to the Opt-In on the promotion form to edit the settings.

Heads Up! If you add an email to receive these Opt-In notifications after the promotion has started, they will only receive notifications for Opt-Ins going forward and will not receive notifications for Opt-Ins submitted before they were added.

For Consumers

  • Only information submitted from a single promotion will be shared with advertisers once a user opts in.
  • Informed consent text identifies an opt-in that has notification and sharing enabled.
  • Clicking my information will present users with a list of data fields that will be shared upon opting in. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 8.47.30 AM

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 8.47.57 AM


For Advertisers and Sponsors

Any sponsors you've chosen to be notified will be sent a welcome email with a login link to access the data. This login link will only work once per email address

Tip! If a sponsor needs to have this login link resent to then, they can trigger another login link by visiting https://advertisers.secondstreet.com/

Once the sponsor has logged in they will be able to see each member that has opted in by promotion, after Hot Leads was enabled.


By default, a sponsor will be notified at the top of every hour if there are new leads.

Sponsors can change how often they'd like to be notified by clicking the overflow button in the top-right hand corner and selecting Notifications.



Learn more about the benefits of Hot Leads by checking out the feature announcement article