Organization Settings Overview

Heads Up! Organization Settings can only be managed by partner users with the Organization Settings permission. 

Accessing your Settingsorg settings

To access your Settings, click on the hamburger menu at the top left of the admin tool, then select on Settings.

Organization InfoSecond_Street (2)

You can edit your organization Name, Address, and Timezone within the Organization Info area.

DefaultsSecond_Street (3)

You can edit any of your organization defaults in this area. Check out how to edit each of these individual default sections here.


Within the Domains section, you will be able to edit or create new subdomains. These are the URLs that your contests will live on if you choose have your promotions hosted by Second Street. You can also add Trusted Domain URLs if you plan on embedding your promotions on multiple URLs. 

Note: Any subdomain you create will have the structure of XXX.secondstreetapp.com. This structure cannot be changed.

Connected AccountsSecond_Street (5)

If you license our Email product, you will be able to add and edit your From Email Addresses within the Connected Accounts section. Check out this article to learn more about adding From Email Addresses.

AdminSecond_Street (6)

Within the Admin section, you will be able to access all Turnkeys. Click here to learn more about Turnkeys.