Create a New Quiz

Quiz Branching Logic

While setting up any quiz, you're able to use Branching Logic to direct users to different questions based off their answers.

Set Up Branching Logic Last

Set up all of your quiz questions and outcomes first! 

Tip! We suggest you set up the flow of your quiz on paper before beginning the setup within the tool so you have a great guideline to follow for the setup.

Set Up Branching Logic

QuizBranchingLogicWithin each answer option of your quiz questions, select which question the user should see next after choosing that specific answer option

The default option will be for the user to be directed to ‘The Next Question’, but you can also choose for them to be directed to a different question within the quiz, or have the user taken directly to the quiz outcome.

Tip! When setting up branching logic, you will not be able to direct users back to a question they have already answered. Instead, they will then be taken straight to the outcomes page. This prevents users from being stuck in a loop within the quiz.