RSS Newsletter - Message

Within our Email tool, you can use an RSS Feed to automate your Newsletter's content.


Choose your Design Method

A Newsletter will default to the RSS Feed design method. If you'd like to design your Newsletter's message with a Scrape Page, watch this video.

Import Articles from an RSS Feed

- Click the Articles section at the top of the right-hand flyout menu and select RSS Feed 1

- Click the Content dropdown and paste or type in your website's RSS Feed URL

Tip! Most RSS feeds will look something like - for example:

- Set how many articles you'd like imported for each newsletter send

  • All articles published since the previous send
  • The last x articles published before send

Set the Layout for items imported from an RSS feed

- Click the Layout dropdown within the Articles section

- Enable or disable the elements displayed for each of the RSS feed's articles

- Edit the Button Text you'd like displayed for each of the RSS feed's articles

- Add a Section Header to display above each of the RSS feed's articles

Enable a Footer Image (Optional)

- Click the Footer Image dropdown within the Articles section

- Click the slider to enable the footer image

- Select an image you'd like to include in the Billboard Ad Unit Placeholder

- Update the image's Link URL and Description (alt text)

Finishing your Design

Continue editing your Newsletter's message with the Email Designer