Scrape Page Newsletter - Message

Use a Scrape Page to automate your Newsletter's content.

Tip! In order to use the Scrape Page design method, you'll first need to create a scrape page in your CMS (Content Management System)

Choose your Design Method

A Newsletter will default to the RSS Feed design method.


- Click on the overflow button at the top of the right-hand flyout menu to Switch Design Method and select Scrape Page.

Set Up Your Email

- Choose the From Address you'd like to use, and confirm the From Name and Reply-To addresses.

- Set the Subject and Preheader Text for your email.

Tip! You can use the blue + button on the right-hand side of the input field to include any personalization tokens.

- Select the Body section of the right-hand flyout menu to paste or type in your Scrape Page URL.

- Send a Test Email before moving on to the Recipients step.

Tip! We recommend sending at least one test email before confirming each Newsletter.