Segmented Audiences

Segmented Audience - Filters

A Segmented Audience allows you to filter your existing database of users.



Tip! If you apply multiple filters of the same type, you will have the option to select "And" or "Or" between them. If you apply filters of different types, only people who match the criteria in all of the filter types you've selected will be included in the audience.

  • Tags

Consumers are tagged when they interact with content that you've applied tags to such a promotions and emails.

Tip! Tags have hierarchy.

  • Location

Specify people who reside within a radius of a postal code.

  • Age

  • Purchase Behavior

Select either a Category or Specific Offer. Then choose the filter of HAS purchased to HAS NOT purchased.  You can also specify to purchases within the last x number of days.

  • Gender

  • Opt-Ins

  • Custom Form Questions

Filters depending on how users have responded to multiple choice questions and checkboxes that you've included in your forms on any Second Street promotion.

  • Promotion Participation

Only people who have entered or voted in the promotion(s) you select will be included in the audience.

  • Message Interaction

Only people who have opened the messages you select will be included in this audience.

  • Uploaded List

Download a sample sheet and upload your list.

Tip! Both CSV and Excel files are supported.

  • Property Audiences

This filter type is only available to parent organizations. It allows you select from a list of your child organizations' audiences.

Audience Count and Download

Once saved, the audience will show you how many people in your consumer database meet the criteria of this audience.

Next to the count is the option to download a list of these people.