National Sports Contests General Info

11 Steps to Set Up Your National Pro Football Pick'em

The following "get started" tasks are the same for each of our national sports. You'll see each National Sports contest under the "Contests" tab

  1. Login to the partner tool to Enable and Access your National Pro Football Pick'em
  2. Set up branding for desktop and mobile. With updates to the National Football Contest in 2019, you're now able to embed the contest in a page on your website! 🎉
  3. Customize your contest's Welcome Page. While the setup for this step is the same, we've recently given the front-end a refresh! Read more about the recent updates made for 2019.
  4. Offer great local prizes! You can add prizes for each week's winner, the overall winner, and Survivor Game winner(s) in the Enter Prizes section where you can add prizes for each round and overall.
  5. Edit each of the automated Emails sent from the contest. Each National Sports Contest features Welcome Emails, Reminder Emails, and RInvite Emails you can use to communicate with your users.
  6. Configure Registration Options. You can select which fields you'd like to present in the registration form, and include any additional fields used for lead
  7. Setup Regions to restrict winners or leaders to certain postal codes, states, or provinces. You can also restrict certain users from winning, such as internal users or VIP's in the "Ineligible Users" area.
  8. Add Global Opt-Ins to the registration form. Don't forget to include your Promotions Opt-In, as well as any Opt-In for sponsors or advertisers. Users will be presented with these opt-ins once they begin creating their profile.

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  9. Configure your contest's Rules, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy text.
  10. Setup VIPs (Very Important Pickers) so your users can compare their picks to local celebrities or advertisers. 
  11. Publish your contest to a Facebook page. The Facebook Integration tab allows you to add the contest to the Facebook pages you administer.