Single Email

Single Email - Schedule

This step will walk through how you can schedule your email. Single Emails also offer the ability to send with A/B testing.

Setting a Date and Time


Send Date and Time will be the only schedule questions that will appear if you are not doing an A/B test.

You have two options for setting the date and time for your email:

- Set a specific date and time

- Send the email as soon as it has been confirmed

A/B Testing

A/B allows you to compare two versions of an email against each other to determine which one performs better. You can then send the winning version to the majority of your audience.

Test Size


You can specify a percent of your total recipients to be part of your A/B test. By default, this is set to 10%.

The above image indicates how the percent is a display of how many people will receive each test version and how many people will receive the winning version once a winner has been determined. 

Tip! We recommend that each test group be at least 100 people.

Test Duration


Next, you need to set how long the test should run. You want your test to end as soon as you have enough data to feel confident which version performs better.  

You can set test to end when:

- A certain number of people have opened either version.

- A time limit has been reached, regardless of how many people interacted with the test messages.

Tip! You will want to set the time limit up as a fallback if the number of users needed to open the email is not reached, or takes too long to occur.

Test Winning Criteria


Here you will set whether the winning version is the one with the best open rate or the one with the best click through rate.