Setup Help

Survey - Design

You can use our template designer to create a fun, visually engaging survey.

Select a Template

Survey - Template-2Some templates offer more design options than others. You can change your template at any time by clicking on the template selector.

Customize your Aesthetics

survey - aesthetics

  1. Choose a Primary Color: You can enter a specific hex code as your primary color, or you can choose a color from the color wheel by clicking on the hex code.
  2. Add a Template Image: You can upload the image, add via URL, or add via your image library
  3. Add optional Additional CSS: This section is off by default. To enable additional CSS, click on the blue plus button next to it. This section should only be used by those with a working knowledge of CSS.

Customize your Text

Second_Street_23EC9018The example above displays the Call to Action text area within the Graphic Header template. This is a great area to add more details and information about your survey.

Tip! You can add images to your text areas and link those images as shown below.

Sweeps Adding an Image-1

Customize your Thank You Message

Second_Street_23EC90A1This is the message that appears after a user submits their survey. As described within the Call to Action text area, you are able to add images to this section as well. This is a great location to add more information about your sponsor if you have one, or provide a coupon if applicable!