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Sweepstakes - Emails

The Emails section allows you to customize the Invitation and Thank You emails.

Thank You Email

The Thank You Emails will be sent to every user after they submit their registration information.




You will first want to choose your template. We offer many templates of different styles for you to choose from! Each template will provide different content for you to edit.

Tip! Your email will default to the Note template. This is one template we suggest due to its simple and easy to read design.

From & Subject



The From email address is the email address that users will see the thank you email is coming from.

Tip! If you license our Email platform, you will be able to customize this from address.




Depending on the template you've chosen, you will be able to enter a Primary and Secondary Color.

Header & Body



The Note template will provide a Main Image, Body Text and Main Button. The Main button is defaulted off, but if you'd like to turn it on, just click on the blue plus button to the right.

We also provide default body text for you. You of course can make any changes to this!


Tip! Just keep in mind, if you remove any of the tokens within the Body Text, please be sure you remove the entire token.

Social & Footer



All Social & Footer elements will default to be on. Just click into each element to edit! If you'd like to turn any of the elements off, just click on the X to the right.

Test & Confirm



After editing your Thank You email, you can send yourself a test message by entering your email address and selecting the Send. We highly suggest completing this step before confirming all messages to be sure they are appearing correctly when sent.



Once you are happy with your email, you will need to select the Everything is all set! box to confirm that the email may begin sending.

Invitation Email

The Invitation Email is one you can use to alert users that a contest is coming up, just starting, or currently running. You can send multiple Invitation Emails to keep interest going for your contest.

Tip! You can send out more than one Invitation Email within your Sweepstakes! Just select the 'Add 2nd Invite Email' option at the bottom of the flyout to the right.

Creating Your Invitation Email


To create your first Invitation Email, scroll to the bottom of the flyout to the right and select 1st Invite Email

The rest of your Invitation Email setup will follow the exact same steps as the Thank You Email, aside from the Recipients & Schedule step. Whereas the Thank You email is a transactional email, the Invitation Email will need to be sent to a specific audience of users at a specific date and time.

Recipients & Schedule


Within the Recipients step, you will notice that it will default to sending to your Promotions Invite Opt-In. This is a list of users who have participated in your promotions in the past and have opted in to receiving Invitation Emails.

You will also notice that this opt-in will appear on all of your Registration forms of your promotions. This is so users can explicitly opt in to receiving your Invitation Emails.

You have the ability to remove the Promotions Invite Opt-In and add a different Opt-In Audience if your organization uses a separate opt-in for contesting email.



To schedule your Invitation Email, just select the desired date and time. If you'd like to unschedule your email, just select the Unschedule option to the right.


Tip! Your Invitation Email will only send if it has been confirmed in the Test & Confirm section!