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Syndicating an Email

Email Syndication allows you to copy a Single Email from Corporate or Market level organizations to child organizations.

A few things to note before getting started...

- After an email is copied, the master email will be completely locked. You continue to copy the email to further organizations, but you will not be able to alter the email’s message setup or syndication setup.

- You can copy an email’s Message and optionally its Schedule, but you cannot copy Recipients or the Confirmation step.

- Emails are only copied to child organizations. You can’t copy an email from a market to another market, or from a market to a chain level.

- Email category and tags are copied.

How to Start

2018-11-08_1552 (1)

First, create a new Single Email.

Within the Message step, you can fill everything out or just partially complete the setup. Whatever you complete is what will be copied.

Tip! You don’t need 100% completion to syndicate the email. But, the message will need to be completed at the child organization before it can send.

2018-11-08_1608 (1)

The Schedule step is optional. You can leave it incomplete and still syndicate an email. 

Tip! If you do schedule a send time, it will be copied.

You cannot apply Recipients to a syndicated email. You also cannot Confirm an email you plan to syndicate.

Copying the Email

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Once you have finished setting up your email, navigate back to the Email tab, click the overflow menu for that email, and select 'Copy to'.


syndication2 (1)

The Message step will be present and indicate the subject line, if you have added one. This step will have a green check icon if the Message was fully setup, or it will have a red exclamation point icon if it is incomplete.

Tip! You will still be able to copy the email if you see the red exclamation point icon.

The Schedule step will only appear if you scheduled the email. It will indicate a suggested send date because the schedule can be changed at the child organization.


2018-11-08_1626 (1)

The next modal will allow you to choose which organizations you want to syndicate the message to. You’ll start by clicking the Add Organization button.


2018-11-08_1628 (1)

The Organization Selection modal will allow you to choose the organizations to syndicate your email.


2018-11-08_1637 (1)

Tip! You will be able to remove any org by click on the X option. You can click the 'Add Organization' button again to add more organizations if necessary.

Next, you will select the message defaults you would like to use for the syndicated message.

- If you select Yes, you will copy the message defaults from each child organization to which you are copying. That means the email will inherit the branding at each organization. However, the core message body will be the same everywhere.

Tip! Selecting this option does not inherit the message defaults for preheader text, call to action, body text, intro text, items/articles, main buttons, main headlines, main images, from addresses or reply to addresses. If the child organization does not have any message defaults set up, the system will then look at the defaults set at the market level account based on the inheritance logic. If the market has no defaults or there is no market, then the email will copy the content from the email itself.

- If you select No, the email will look exactly the same in every organization to which you copy.

After the Email is Copied

2018-11-09_0857 (1)

After syndication, the email will now have a notification on it that says it was Copied to X Organizations.

2018-11-09_0859 (1)

The syndicated email will appear in the Drafts section of the child organization. It will also have a notification indicating that the email was copied and where it was copied from.

An email that was syndicated from a higher organization will only have the Copy and Archive options. You cannot use the Copy To function for an email that was syndicated from higher up.

Tip! If you go back into the master email after syndication, you will not be able to edit the email campaign in any way. However, you can syndicate the same previously syndicated email again to more organizations. Select Copy To from the overflow menu again, and you will be arrive back at the modal where you can select more organizations to copy to.