The Basics of myCapture Publisher

MyCapture Publisher is all about delivering your content wherever you need it. These five basic principles will help you make the most of myCapture - not only in selling photos, but in integrating the system with the rest of your site.

Make Albums for Each and Every Event

1. Make albums for each and every event.

MyCapture is a photo publishing system designed around the assumption that each album contains photos from a single event. Any event that deserves its own article is worthy of its own album.

Example: If your photographers take photos of a local high-school sports game, create an album with a title like "Webster vs. Kirkwood Football" that will contain only photos from that event. The reasoning behind this system is simple - it makes it easier for your viewers and our system to know what is in that album. Having an individual album for each event is critical to your success.

Create a Robust Set of Categories

2. Create a robust set of categories.

Categories are critical, as they are an effective way to group albums together and help viewers find what they are looking for. Think of categories as the description of what's in an album - don't just assign one and call it done.

Example: The local football game above should be assigned not only to the general Sports category, but also to more specific categories such as High School Sports, Football, Webster, Kirkwood, Schools, and Local.

Categories will also enable you to more effectively utilize some more advanced features of myCapture Publisher later on.

Add as Many Channels to Your Content as Possible

3. Add as many channels to your content as possible.

One link in your top navigation called 'Photos' simply isn't enough to drive customers to your myCapture site. People expect to find all of your sports coverage on the Sports section of your website, and won't be looking for sports on a separate Photos page. But never fear, we have made it very easy to integrate myCapture with the rest of your site.

The best way for you to link your site and myCapture is through content feeds. These small widgets let you place the most recent albums from any category on the corresponding part of your site (yet another reason why categories are so important). You can create a content feed for the Sports page that pulls in your most recent albums from the Sports category and then sit back and watch it automatically update as you add new sports albums to myCapture.

People Buy Things When They are on Sale

4. People buy things when they are on sale.

Use our coupon system to offer site-wide deals like 'Free shipping on orders over $50'. Just think: how many times have you bought an extra product or two in order to take advantage of a great deal?

It’s also a good idea to create a year's worth of coupon codes all at once, because expiration dates create a sense of urgency that encourages customers to buy.  Offer a special each month - even if it’s the same deal with a new expiration date.

The More You Upload, the More You Sell

5. The more you upload, the more you sell.

It's simple, really. The more content you upload, the more likely it is that someone will find something they want to purchase.

Just remember, creating a robust set of categories is even more important the more content you have!