Video Contest - Downloading Entries

You can download uploaded videos from the Moderate Entries section or from the Entries report.

Downloading Video Submissions

Partner Tool Download

VideoContestDownloadingVideoOnce your voting round is over, you can download any user uploaded videos by navigating to the Moderate Entries screen. You can download the Approved video entries by clicking on the three-dot overflow menu next to the video playback information and clicking Download. This will download an .mp4 of the user's submitted video.

Note: Submissions from YouTube are not downloadable.

From Entries Report

video contest - downloading entriesFor a list of entry information alongside the video, you'll want to download the Entries report from the Dashboard. On this report, you'll see the entrant's title, description text, and you'll also have a link to where we've hosted the video.

To download entries from the spreadsheet, click on the URL in the Media URL column. Once the page has loaded, click on the three dot menu to the right of the playback information and click Download.