Video Contest - Moderate People

Easily moderate people that participate in your Video Contest by IP Address or Status.

Moderate People By IP Address

photo contest - ip addressOne way we help our partners determine if there is unfair voting going on in a voting contest is by flagging IP addresses that have five or more users voting from that same IP address. You have the option of disqualifying any suspicious activity by individual users or by all users who participated using a certain IP address.

Click here for more information on how Second Street helps to prevent voter fraud.

To disqualify users, simply click on the checkbox to the left of their name, or select the checkbox at the top to select all people from that IP Address, and click disqualify at the bottom of the page.

Moderate People By Status

photo contest - by statusThis screen will show you users who are currently active in the contest or disqualified. To mark a user as disqualified, find the user under the Active tab by either searching for their email address or searching through the pages of listed users. You’ll then want to click Disqualify This Person after highlighting the user.

Tip! If you accidentally disqualified a person, you will be able to make them active again. Just click on Disqualified, click on the checkbox next to the user you want to make active again, and click the button at the bottom of the screen that says Make This User Active Again.

Accessing User’s Login Links

If an active user is having issues logging back into a promotion they’ve participated in, this is where you’ll be able to grab this user’s special login link.

photo contest - login linkTo access this link, click on the paperclip icon to the right of the user’s email address and click Copy Login Link.

Tip! This login link will work for this user throughout the length of the ballot.

You’ll also be able to access the user’s profile data through this screen. Simply click on their email address, and it will take you to their user profile.

To see what users see when they receive this login link, visit our FAQ page for user's magic login link.