General FAQ

What fields can I add to my registration form?

Creating an entry form with multiple field types allows you to customize the way you collect your data.

Custom Fields Updated 11.20

When adding items to your entry form, there will be two columns of options as well as a Search field. The first tab is your Starred Fields. These are frequently used form options such as a user’s First, Middle, and Last Name, Birthdate, City, Country, Address, Gender, Phone number, Postal Code, State, and Wedding Anniversary Date. The second tab houses the Custom Fields. These are fields you can use to create new items for your form.

Tip! You can make any previously used custom form field a starred field by using the search option and clicking on the field.

What do the Custom form fields do?

  • Checkbox - This is a simple statement that users can either check or uncheck. You can use this field for media release consents, age verification, or other consent purposes.

Checkbox Question Text-1

  • Date - You can use this for custom dates, such as subscription date, or birth dates other than the user’s. You can trigger Drip Campaigns based off of data collected with Date fields.

Custom Date

  • Description Text - The Description Text field is used for disclaimer text, or for additional information for a text field. Above, the 'Description Text' field is used to preface the 'Opt-In' questions on the entry form.
  • Dropdown - This field is a click-to-dropdown field where users can answer a question with multiple answers, while only selecting one response.


  • Facebook Like - This field allows users to ‘Like’ either your organization or sponsor’s Facebook page. Simply copy and paste the URL of the Facebook page you want to provide.

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 2.47.52 PM

Tip! You may want to make sure this Facebook page does not have any age/privacy restrictions. For more information about troubleshooting Facebook Like issues, click here.

  • Facebook Link - This field allows users to visit your organization or sponsor's Facebook page, as well as any Facebook post, so users can interact with that page. Simply add the link text, then copy and paste the URL of the Instagram page.
    Facebook Link
  • Instagram - This field allows users to visit your organization or sponsor’s Instagram page, as well as any Instagram post, so they can interact with that page. Simply add the link text, then copy and paste the URL of the Instagram page.


  • Multiple Checkboxes - Similar to the singular checkbox field, users can respond to a question and select multiple responses.

Multiple Checkbox

  • Multiple Choice - Similar to the dropdown menu, this allows users to see each option before selecting one answer.

Multiple Choice

Tip! Check out our Lab article on 4 Fields to Include on Your Registration Page.

  • Number - The number field is only for taking numerical data.

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 2.48.55 PM

Tip! Use the Phone Number field to collect phone numbers, as the Number field does not take non-numerical characters. If you would like to use two phone number fields, create a text field instead.

  • Opt-In - This is a field type that also features a corresponding Opt-In Audience. Create an opt-in to grow your audiences, or share Hot Leads with a sponsor.

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 2.41.37 PM

Tip! Starring opt-ins makes them much easier to find--especially if it’s one you use on multiple forms. You can also create default forms!

  • Text - Users can enter a short amount of text. This will display on one line.
  • Text (Long Response) - For long form responses, this will show up as a larger text box than the ‘Text’ form field.

Text and Long Text Response

  • Tweet - Users can Tweet a link to the contest.


  • Twitter Follow - Users can follow your organization’s Twitter account or link to a sponsor’s Twitter.

Twitter Follow-1