What is a Sweepstakes?


What is a Sweepstakes?

A sweepstakes is a general, enter to win style contest where users register via an entry form, and a random winner is selected for each round of the contest. You can run sweepstakes with as many rounds as you’d like. 

Why should I run one?

A sweepstakes is, first and foremost, a way to award a prize to a random winner. Along the way, you’ll be able to create a custom entry form to collect lead generation information and build your organization’s audience. Sweepstakes are super easy to create and manage. These promotions can also be used with any type of sponsor or advertiser, so the potential applications are limitless. 

How do users participate?

Users need to complete the entry form that you create in order to receive an entry in the contest. Entry forms can include basic demographic information and custom fields that you have created to collect specific data for your organization or sponsor. You can also incentivize certain actions like friend referrals, opt-ins, and more for users to earn extra chances.

Sweepstakes examples: 

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